The first edition of this book (162pp )was first published by infamous Minerva Press, London, UK in December 1999. According to the Director of Minerva Press, Mr Bob Hamblin, the book had not attracted any interest for at least half of the year. Only about forty copies has been sold for two and a half years before the liquidation of Minerva in July 2002.
The publisher informed the Author that within that time only three copies had been sold by According to the Liquidator, six copies of the book that remained were bought by private collectors, and the book was taken off the Internet.

However, after a short disappearance, the book has been illegally modified to 150 pp and has been illegally sold as "new", "used", "like new", "mint", "minor shelf wear" all over the world by all Amazon branches and other book sellers.

The facts of modification of the book, re-appearence of the book, spreading sale by many other booksellers and the worldwide educational networks, reported translations, according to Interpol does not constitute fraud!

NB: Only the Author of this book has copyright to his book.
The present book, the 2015 edition ISBN-10: 620-34058-4; ISBN-13: 978-062034058-8 has 204 pp.
This only legitimate edition is sold only through this MetricFun site, or However, the books that have been bought through Order Form, email address:, were 2005 or 2015 Edition WITHOUT the author's authograph, WERE NOT sold by us, MeticFun site and WERE ALSO of illegal origin! Legal copies are sent ONLY from George, South Africa and are autographed.

This is due another scam of re-directing the email orders to another illegal address!!
Please help us to fight the scam! If MetricFun fax/phone is blocked by Telkom SA, report the cases to the Tel: 0027 44 884 0486 or E-mail: or

If you have been a victim of similar fraud, contact Interpol for help.

Do not participate in the scam!!

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  16. The Scam Continues...!!

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  22. and Usenet are joining scam! Who supplies them with electronic copies?!
    See pdf files as proof!
  23. January 2014 - Amazon: "Out of Print - Limited Availability", Contradiction, clever way of selling my book again!! Click here to see proof

Update July 2013:

The book search engines report that the 1999 edition of the book (after ten years of sale!) is no longer sold by Amazon and other sellers as: "used-like new" but the book is "out of print". Congratulation Mr. Bezos! Now the author is patiently waiting to your answer to his letters to you which are scanned in the next pages.

Update January 2015:

I was surprised to find my book in many places all over the world, click here to view where....

Update September 2015:

I contacted your office three times in order to make agreement to publish the 2015 edition of my book. Your words: "Our Tolerance for any such lack of empathy needs to be zero" Jeff does Amazon's company culture not apply to you?!
Courtesy of Photo Time Magazine

Do not be deceived: "Evil Company corrupts good habits" ~ 1 Corinthians15:33

Update November 2016:

Amazon is continueing to sell book as "new & used"

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