The Scam:

28 Oct 2009
Did you know that:

Amazon has been the best performing company during the recent economic slump. Congratulation Mr. Bezos!

The author protests against the scam.
All other "SI Units, Conversion Measurement Skills" books on the internet that are not from this website are of unlawful origin.
NB: Only 40 books had been sold by Minerva in a period December 1999 - August 2002, and only the author has copyrights. Each legitimate copy has been autographed by the author and sent from George, South Africa, ONLY.

The original copy of the book had 162 pp and has been modified illegally to 150 pp.

Update July 2013:

The book search engines report that the 1999 edition of the book (after ten years of sale!) is no longer sold by Amazon and other sellers as: "used-like new" but the book is "out of print". Congratulation Mr. Bezos! Now the author is patiently waiting to your answer to his letters to you which are scanned in the next pages.

Jan 2014:

Amazon: "Out of Print - Limited Availability", clever way of selling my book again!!
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Dec 2014:

Nothing New: Amazon have not answered yet.
Merry Christmas, Jeff!!

Sept 2015:

Verbatim, p 3 Time Magazine, 31 August 2015
"Our Tolerance for any such lack of empathy needs to be zero"
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