Wacek Kijewski: born in Poland, studied electronics, telecommunication, acoustics and pedagogy. He taught science in Poland, Hungary and became Lecturer and Principal Tutor in Nigeria and Botswana.
Mr. D.D. Kuhlmann, Ag Registrar, University of Botswana (UB): “Dr W. Kijewski has performed his duties very satisfactorily and proved that he is an excellent teacher with substantial relevant experience. He has an admirable character which coupled with his professional integrity enabled him to established an excellent rapport with students.”

Dr. L.S. Molema, English Dept., UB: “Students speak warmly of him, especially his capacity for making them understand and feel confident in a subject that they had previously been inadequately prepared for and were therefore scared of. I have just finished editing the proofs of his new book: “S I Units, Conversion and Measurement Skills” in which his teaching style, so popular with his students, is evident.”
Students: “I discovered that physics can be enjoyable...” “He is a wonderful man and teacher. “Physics was my worst subject is secondary school but now its my best!... 
Formerly, member of GIREP and Mensa. His hobby: bridge, tennis. Representative of Botswana at the World Bridge Championships in Geneva and Olympiad in Salsomaggiore. Retired in South Africa.

Have you read my book carefully? Then you know my date of birth.

In the eyes of students: Studen's Assessment of Staff Questionnaire

*The students’ statements have NOT been edited.


  • He is a good lecturer. He is able to give sensible examples for the students to understand the topics in Physics.
  • The way he will keep you listening throughout the lecture. His interest in seeing the students do well.
  • The instructor is good and always shows interest when it comes to helping
  • The instructor is friendly, polite, humorous and an easy going person. Attending his lectures truly is a pleasure.
  • He is very helpful.
  • Wacek, you can really teach!
  • His preparedness to attend to problems even after hours. To some extent, extra lessons proved beneficial.
  • He is always keen and willing to help.
  • He keeps every student awake with demonstrations.
  • The best there is in PESC.
  • He jokes a lot and his expression is very interesting.
  • Instructor - listens to the student’s problems and explains where they don’t understand.
  • The way he conducted the lectures.
  • The lecturer is a very helpful one because he can help with some problems at anytime and anywhere. I really enjoy the way he teaches and in maths his tutorials are superb. He is capable of teaching a lecture or tutorial in a very excellent way.
  • He generally a good lecturer.
  • The course is well prepared. The instructor presentation is OK.
  • He is very funny and enjoys teaching a lot.
  • A good teacher who seems to understand our problems and help as much as he can - good personality.
  • The instructor is always and ever prepared to attend questions from students. Before every lesson a few jokes are passed to make students wake; this jokes are relevant to our course.
  • I was not interested in the course before.
  • The lecturer creates an atmosphere for students to ask freely or suggest anything including changes in the timetable and always suggests something and waits for our agreement.
  • The instructor is very willing to offer help even after classes. The Practicals and Problem Papers are quite useful.
  • The instructor dedicated his free time to help students with some problems they had on certain topics. He knows how to teach someone who does not know anything about what he’s teaching. He listened to students’ problems and did his best to help them
  • He made us enjoy the lesson by giving example related to everyday life
  • Physics has always been my most weak subject, but the lecturer is very enthusiastic and has keptmeinterested.
  • He was a dedicated instructor, self-motivated teacher.
  • My instructor kept my interest in Physics very high. In fact, he stimulated it since I hated the subject at Secondary School, but now is one of my best subjects. He explains in such a way that I’d be left satisfied. Before I had a lot of misconceptions but he cleared them all and now Iamthe happiest. To sum up I can say, my instructor is enthusiastic and is an excellent teacher.
  • The course included many experiments which were not possible at secondary school. This stimulated my confidence on my experimental techniques. The instructor on the other hand was conscious on stimulating my interests for experiments and lectures.
  • The lecturer is patient and always ready to help. He joys in seeing students understand. The course itself clarified a number of misconceptions.
  • He is usually always ready to help students at all times.
  • Keep it up Sir! We were pleased to be with you. Hopefully you’ll teach others (to come) the way you taught us. Thank you Sir!
  • There is a lot of practical work in the course to further clarify what we get from the instructor.
  • The lectures were well conducted.
  • He makes jokes if he feels that you are getting a bit sleepy; he really stimulated my interest.
  • He is a good bridge player and actually a Physics coach.
  • He is very good, understanding and really interesting. The way he relates his subject to daily life activitiesmakes the subject enjoyable.
  • He is a wonderful man.
  • The lecturer himself really knows his stuff. He can really teach and pinpoint certain problems students face and is able to deal with that very well. He’s been very helpful. He is excellent and should keep up the good job he is doing. Thank you Mr Kijewsky!
  • Mr Kijewski, on realizing that the class’s concentration lapses says things which simply revive us and his lessons are one of the best and most enjoyable. He makes Physics look like one of the most interesting subjects coz he knows what he is teaching
  • He is very patient and understanding. Makes us work harder.
  • His presentations, he gives us puzzles and jokes to us, thus making us actively alive. He raises his voice loud to stress the pionts.
  • Very understanding and always available.
  • He cares. He has time for the students. He is interesting. He keeps us involved.
  • There is interaction during the lectures. He presents his lectures in an understandable way.
  • He stresses important points during lectures.
  • He taught me how to be an autonomous learner. The instructor encouraged us whenever it was sometimes hopeless.
  • The instructor is very precise and cares about the students results and achievements. He takes extra time to make sure that everybody understands. He is always in a good mood
  • The instructor is very patient.
  • I have no doubt on Mr Kijewski’s teaching. He is a wonderful teacher, just was difficult for me at Secondary School, but now it is one of the subjects with leading average, because what my lecturer teaches is understandable to me.
  • The instructor is enthusiastic about his work and that made me even more interested in the subject.
  • He is more clear and causes an attraction of the interest.He is patient and always willing to help, even after class. Always have problems to solve and test whether everything had been understood. Gave extra classes if something is not understood.
  • He is patient and always willing to help, even after class.
  • Always have problems to solve and test whether everything had been understood.
  • Gave extra classes if something is not understood.
  • The lecturer knows and understands what he is doing. He is simply the best! The lecturer has surely made a cut above the rest!
  • The lecturer is available anytime he’s free i.e. he is always willing to help students outside class.
  • He gives us extra lessons on which he explains what we did not under-stand and also solve more problems. He also makes jokes
  • Keep up the good job! He gives advise to students. He treats all students equally. He is interested in seeing the students performing better.
  • He gives advise to students.
  • He treats all students equally.
  • He is interested in seeing the students performing better.
  • An excellent presentation of the course work. I would like to congratulate the lecturer on a job well done!
  • I like his way of teaching.
  • I feel Mr Kijewski was a very good lecturer. Through him I was able to understand the logic behind Physics. And above all, he has done a great deal in making me independent. I’ve never really enjoyed Physics until I joined PESC as his student.
  • The instructor seems to know a lot about the subject, the only problem is that he present it as an Engineer, not a teacher
  • This lecturer was very excellent because he showed much love for the students’ interests. I hope we had more lecturers like him.
  • The instructor likes teaching and he always comes early to the class. He is always ready to attend to students problem concerning the subject.
  • Well, he is a good character in work and manner and I would like to thank and congratulate him for what he has done for us.
  • The lecturer is very good. He is excellent in presenting the topics to the students. He really understand most of the topics he covered in the course. He deserves a credit. Good luck!
  • He usually presents problems that require careful thinking before they can be solved and he seems to know exactly where students go wrong (at times even the reasons for wrong reasoning!) He presents problems that are similar to what we encounter in day to day life, making the subject interesting and easy to understand.
  • My lecturer is a good man who is willing to help students to understand what he lectures.
  • The best teacher I’ve ever come across. I liked the way he used his logic and at the end we accumulated some of those logics.
  • I learnt new things and discovered that Physics can be enjoyed.
  • Very good presentation of material during the course. Congratulations to the lecturer. He boosted my morale and made me enthusiastic in taking a Physics-based course.
  • Jokes that kept me awake!
    It gives you an idea of how to apply certain skills in real life.
  • Excellent lecturer. Keep it up for the coming years!
  • My lecturer is a good man who is willing to help students to understand what


  • Why not set a problem solving crew to help broaden the minds of those interested? You are the right person for that, Mr Kijewski!